World Building




brainstorming plot
world building with my son
ideas bloom

Note: I had the vast pleasure today of discussing a science fiction idea with my oldest son. I’ve been developing a young adult novel set on a moon colony. He was jazzed, and he contributed lots of ideas toward my world building. Now, he wants to work on writing his own SF novel this summer, and my second son wants to be part of it. Such fun!! Hope you have a great week!

31 thoughts on “World Building

  1. Oh wow I love this wonderful summer project! Talented like their momma! I love that! I know you’ll have a blast!
    This flower is wonderful I love that they grow where you live! I saw these at the Chicago botanic garden they were amazing! Yay! 💜💜❌❌❌


  2. You have creative, musical and interesting children. I am so excited about your joining heads and forces for ideas and brain storming, Brenda. I also am glad the two boys will be collaborating and creating their own young science fiction world.
    The purple flower does look like it could have a colony living on their own stems and equidistantly placed modules. Smiles, Robin


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