42 thoughts on “Rain Dragon Haiku

    • Becka, I always enjoy your comments, thanks! Ooo, what a great latin name. Almost Anti-rhinos, what a wonderful plant to be able to ward off a rhino! Okay, I’m being frivolous, but it suits me. LOL Cheers, Brenda


    • Kate, Our vacation has certainly been a nice break from all the constant work of winter. More snow due after we get back. What a winter!! My son commented that we picked the right winter to escape to Florida. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Cheers, Brenda


  1. Just wondering about the last sentence and the syllables, is there something that I am not understanding in the rules? I have read that there are more intricate rules, so perhaps you could explain them to me. My blog is haiku only, so i just wondered if you could enlighten me. Thanks. I love your haiku!!


    • I’m not sure I understand the question. Do you mean that my haiku is not a strict 5/7/5? I have been reading more about haiku lately, and many believe the syllable count to be more of a maximum amount and less of a requirement to be exact because the original Japanese form doesn’t translate into syllables. Thanks for the comment and question. I hope I answered it. 🙂


        • I think the theory is that the superfluous words are counter to the ideal of the haiku, which is simple and spare and arresting. I’ve even seen haiku of 5 syllables. The stopping moment seems more important. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert, though. 🙂


          • Yes I agree with the explanation and understanding. I just thought that there were rigid rules to follow. In fact I have been called out by other writers for not getting my syllable count right. So I was just wondering if you knew some rules that I did not. Thanks. 🙂


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