49 thoughts on “Splashin’ Pink

  1. Ohhhhh Brenda! Your clematis flowers are beautiful. I’m going to take my laptop outside and show my five clematis plants what they’re SUPPOSED to be doing.

    I have two tiny flowers on one. No flowers on two of the others. A flower trying hard to pop open on another and … a final one which flowers green flowers – so I have to study it very hard to see if it’s just an abundance of leaves or if there are actually any flowers there at all. Yes… going to show my little lot your clematis and tell them all that they simply must try a little harder!

    😀 Fabulous photograph! (You should enter your photographs into competitions. I’m sure they’d win).


  2. Brenda, I do so love looking at the flower pictures you are foreveer sending. I am so glad my wife isn’t a blogger, I can only imagine what the inside of this house would be like. Take care, Bill


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