32 thoughts on “Big Boots, Little Boots

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  2. Brenda, That is a great photo, and I am glad I took the time to actually reread the title, because…….. you never know where my mind goes. LOL LOL. Take care, Bill


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  4. Very adorable. Especially since missing my grown daughter. I loved seeing all the little shoes and boots around the house. My 4 year old niece visited us this week reminding me of all the fun I had with my own kids.


    • So cute the way she lined hers up with her daddy’s. She announced last night that her daddy owed her lots of snuggling. I asked her why, and she make her tiger-growly face and said, “Because you wake me up EVERY MORNING.” LOL


        • Thanks, I do love my kids. My daughter said to me, would I give her my necklace when she grows up (she’s 4) at the same meal where she was hitting up her father for more snuggling. “Mom, when I grow up, will you give me your necklace to remember you by?” Oh, man. I told her, she didn’t have a prayer of forgetting me ever, and I might give her my necklace someday because I love her, but not to bribe her to remember me. LOL


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  6. Aw, this nearly made me cry…owp, no, I am crying! …parenthood is such a big responsibility, our little ones following in our footsteps…I hope I leave deep ones going in the right direction!


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