CHOICES FOR THE SOUL HAĪBUN, by Brenda Davis Harsham

Some exciting news! One of my posts was chosen to be published on Better Endings, as an inspiring story. I am thrilled! The author seeks submission of inspiring stories to guest on her blog, and she is an anthropology professor who has written a book on life mapping.

Better Endings


The church is near but the road is all ice;

the tavern is far but I’ll walk very carefully.

Russian Proverb

Years ago, I was working for a minimal salary. My net pay barely covered the expenses of professional clothing, commuting, food and rent. I worked very hard the first year, trying to be the perfect employee, working quickly, seeking extra work, hoping I would earn a big raise. I slid sideways into debt when my car was totaled in an accident and my cat needed expensive medicine.

When I got my review, it was lukewarm, with no acknowledgement of my efforts and a minimal raise, not even keeping pace with inflation. I had a meeting with my boss, and I asked him if he was unhappy with my work. He said no.

“Did I forget any tasks you gave me or do them wrong? Was I too slow?”


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