Lion Alone

Worn Lion statue

winter scarred, care worn
gazing at eternity
lion without pride

remembers school vacation
three playful cubs squabbling

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Hurray for vacation week! Tomorrow is the Boston marathon. Hope you all have a great week. Be healthy and be safe! Warmly, Brenda

29 thoughts on “Lion Alone

  1. That little lion does look a little winter scarred! I bet he can tell of some great stories of fairies in the night though! 😉 I love old garden ornaments like that, they do make a garden quite magical!♥


  2. I think he is a wise lion, listening in on little cubs squabbling but not intervening. So sage, Brenda! I hope you didn’t mind my wishing to ‘fix him up’ in my first comment. . .


    • He is a sage lion, indeed. If he were mine, I would put him among the sage. 😉 And I didn’t mind at all. I don’t know how I missed that comment. I try to get to them all, but sometimes I get so many comments, I foul it up somehow. Or they don’t all go into the queue, and it’s a WP thing. I don’t know which. Anyway, I always appreciate your comments. Hope you’re enjoying the spring.


  3. AnElephant is sad for the lonely lion.
    But your title reminds him of an old joke.
    A man goes into a bar (as in all Scottish jokes) with his pet giraffe.
    While he drinks his beer the animal settles down for a snooze on the floor.
    Man finishes drink, heads for door.
    Hey, says the barman, you can’t leave that lying there.
    That’s not a lion, is the reply, that’s a giraffe.


  4. i like that thought:”care worn” a lovely poem that makes me think precious children once gathered to play around this garden lion. have a blessed week. 🙂


  5. Our Spring Break for grandies ended but it was a nice way for my oldest daughter to have a week off and enjoy the boys. I look at the statue and wish to peel off the paint, apply another coat or leave it looking like stucco. Poor Papa Lion!


    • He could be improved immensely by your TLC. I don’t know how I missed this comment, but I went looking for it when you left your next one.I planted some lettuce and parsley out, and repotted my tomatoes and put them back under the grow light. I was thinking of you and your daughter. Fingers crossed for my little herbs and veggies. I hope the bunnies leave them alone.


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