Happy Earth Day!


Earth has everything we need. Let it be enough for us all.
May you find the magic in the earth today and every day!
Warmly, Brenda

Note: Sorry this is late, but I spent today in the garden with my kids. My son whose foot is broken managed to rake up the soil where our water access was replumbed. And then he scattered grass seed like a champ. I hope you found a good way to celebrate!

52 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!

  1. You always have such fabulous bright flowers Brenda – wonderful colour, and there is magic in the earth – if only we found it everyday!!♥

    Your son sounds like he’s on good recovery – my goodness a broken foot is a big thing to have to recover from!!! I guess a young age helps to recover quicker. I remember breaking my arm when I was 5 years old – it was very painful, I really wouldn’t have wanted to have walked on it while it was recovering!! 😯 I hope he gets back to his normal fit self very soon! 🙂


    • Thanks, Suzy, yes my son is suffering a bit. We had to get him a wheelchair for longer jaunts, he just can’t walk too far. He has managed to keep going to school and orchestra. He’s a trouper. 🙂

      I find the earth’s magic, as long as I’m not stressing. That just completely kills my ability to see and imagine. Ice creams helps. LOL


    • Hi Luanne, Thanks for stopping by. He jumped from too high, landed on only one foot, and seems to have both a bad sprain and a bone fragment. He’s not bouncing back quickly, and has to stay off his foot as much as he can at least until mid-May, maybe longer. It’s torture for him, poor kid. He’s normally very active. I blame the cartoons and movies, where people are always jumping from really high with no injury. That’s visual fiction, and it makes kids do absurd things. Parkour is also a terrible sport for encouraging kids to be reckless with their bodies. Or maybe it’s my fault for letting him play like a kid. Anyway, he will be better before summer, I hope. Thanks for asking! Hope your wild child is well. Best, Brenda


      • Oh dear!! you know how many times I tell my son: you are NOT Superman… Or “if we crash the car, we will probably not be continuining living as your heroes”. .. Cartoons, movies and videogames… what a tragic lessons sometimes. Wish he could be happy seeing Tom & Jerry, like we have been (once upon a time:) and know nothig about all these nonsenses.

        Hugs for you both! and a big kiss for the little one.


        • Many kids need to learn for themselves what the limits are. They’re different for different people. His friend has jumped from that height and been fine, but not my son. He had been having such fun when it happened. He’ll be fine soon, I hope. XOXO, Brenda


  2. A great way to have spent Earth Day! While we spent a large part of last week outdoors and in garden, this week has been rainy and cold, so I guess we “celebrated” Earth Day by renting Malificient and having a move night? I guess we did that wrong…


    • Yes, my muscles are reminding me this morning that I’m not 20 anymore. I had a stern talk with my left leg which doesn’t work well under the best of circumstances. LOL I have to check on my lettuces and make sure the bunnies didn’t devour them.


  3. So lovely!! 🙂 ❤ I saw two snakes today, one on each side of the river. They were chased away by a shiny blue kingfisher. Yesterday there were thunderstorms and the foxes and grasshoppers were howling like mad. Then I saw a tiny invisible bug diving into the river making very intricate sun-silvered ripples as it danced around in the water. Then I saw to eagles and a stork high up in the sunrise. Then I saw the water lilies opening up to the sun at 5 am. Happy Earth day!!! 🙂 ❤ She is our beloved mother! ❤


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