Happy Memorial Day

Pink Tulips and White Azalea blooms

This is a day to remember the fallen.
And to celebrate the magic of being alive.
Happy Memorial Day!

Warmly, Brenda

Note: Monday is a Federal holiday. Originally it honored the many casualties of the US Civil War, which outnumbered all other US wars combined until Vietnam. Americans are notorious for independence, pride and an amalgam of culture and traditions. In my family, we grill outdoors, play sports and picnic. We might kick around a soccer ball in the park or ride bicycles tomorrow. What does your family do? Does your country have a Memorial Day to honor those who fell in war?

Happy Earth Day!


Earth has everything we need. Let it be enough for us all.
May you find the magic in the earth today and every day!
Warmly, Brenda

Note: Sorry this is late, but I spent today in the garden with my kids. My son whose foot is broken managed to rake up the soil where our water access was replumbed. And then he scattered grass seed like a champ. I hope you found a good way to celebrate!

Found Magic

Orange Mums

Sunset-glowing mums
Cast an earthy magic
Over a vanilla day.
My blue mug steams,
The bitter scent of green tea
Mingling with honey’s sweetness.
The calendar suggests newness.
January First: a new morning,
A new chance, a new start, a new dream.
Frozen grass crunches underfoot and
The sky is blue, clear and cold.
My breath steams like my mug:
Superheated for a magical brew,
Making all things seem new.
I resolve to find magic,
In any small detail, new or old,
Find magic and learn to take hold.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Happy New Year to all my friends!! These blooms are thanks to Trader Joe’s, a magical place.

Happy Hanukkah! (Right on Thyme)

Menorah with thyme wreath

May the light shine brightly on everyone, this dark December night, whether or not you celebrate Hanukkah. May you find time for things that bring you joy. May your dreams clarify and your wishes inch toward completion. May seasonal magic warm you and keep you safe. Be well, Brenda

Note: I have been working on braiding this thyme wreath, inspired by a post by Stacey of Down to Earth Digs. Although not finished, it has made my kitchen smell of summer. I plan to tie it with ribbon and hang it among my pottery. Thanks for the great idea, Stacey!!