Happy Hanukkah! (Right on Thyme)

Menorah with thyme wreath

May the light shine brightly on everyone, this dark December night, whether or not you celebrate Hanukkah. May you find time for things that bring you joy. May your dreams clarify and your wishes inch toward completion. May seasonal magic warm you and keep you safe. Be well, Brenda

Note: I have been working on braiding this thyme wreath, inspired by a post by Stacey ofย Down to Earth Digs. Although not finished, it has made my kitchen smell of summer. I plan to tie it with ribbon and hang it among my pottery. Thanks for the great idea, Stacey!!

59 thoughts on “Happy Hanukkah! (Right on Thyme)

  1. Happy Hanukkah;) I just lit my candles. A bit after the sundown deadline but #1 Chicago has seen zero sunshine in I have no idea how many days and #2 I was at my son’s HS bowling team match. I told him I was going to bring the menorah to the bowling alley – I received a rather odd look. Your menorah is lovely and your wreath is precious. I use two laminated mats the boys made when they were in preschool. Tomorrow I will post a picture. But tonight, I want to admire yours:)

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