Putting Away

Time to celebrate,
time to remember,
but also 
time to put away.

Copyright 2021 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Happy Martin Luther King Day! Traditionally, MLK weekend is when my family and I put away our Christmas decorations. I’ve had the reindeer a long time, but this new little 2020 Santa, I made from polymer clay while roughly following steps in a book on sculpting mythic creatures. Such fun. Hard to get the red off my palms afterwards. I’m storing him for the year, and thinking about all the troubles we put away as well. What a relief it is to be able to put worries away. We have to remember our white privilege allows us to forget about race issues, and that we have to fight putting that away. People should not be afraid to walk down the street, just because they are not white. Black Lives Matter. We have to say it because black people believe white people don’t value the lives of black people, don’t recognize their contribution to our culture and country. It’s a tragedy that some people can’t bring themselves to say it at all. I’ll say it again. Black Lives Matter. May everyone find a little magic today, whether in remembering or in putting away.

18 thoughts on “Putting Away

  1. So odd. Here I am in a remote-ish part of So Cal, looking at the cell tower, on the highest, not very high mountain, covered with ice, knowing it is unlikely to send this message, but hoping it will. Cheers to you from sunny Southern California. It is good to talk with you Brenda.

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  2. Happy Martin Luther King Day. As a non-American who respects the entrepreneurship culture in the country and aspirations, I believe the celebration is gaining significance with the new team at the White House. “We have to remember our white privilege allows us to forget about race issues,” so well said.

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  3. Because I live in a bubble with mostly like-minded people, I sometimes forget that there are many people around me who don’t understand the rationale behind BLM (and don’t care). But as I try online dating and explore the values of the men I meet, I want to slap some sense into these guys, but, you know, social distancing….

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    • It’s awkward meeting strangers. You feel like commenting on current events, but they have gotten so haywire that one’s bias immediately shows. On the other hand, I’d rather know than be in for an unwelcome surprise later. Best of luck to you with the sense-slapping. I’ve never known it to work, sadly.

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