Found Magic

Orange Mums

Sunset-glowing mums
Cast an earthy magic
Over a vanilla day.
My blue mug steams,
The bitter scent of green tea
Mingling with honey’s sweetness.
The calendar suggests newness.
January First: a new morning,
A new chance, a new start, a new dream.
Frozen grass crunches underfoot and
The sky is blue, clear and cold.
My breath steams like my mug:
Superheated for a magical brew,
Making all things seem new.
I resolve to find magic,
In any small detail, new or old,
Find magic and learn to take hold.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Happy New Year to all my friends!! These blooms are thanks to Trader Joe’s, a magical place.

I WRITE ABOUT~by Heather Burns

Here is a magical poem to make you smile on this chilly New Year’s Day, written by the talented Heather Burns and found posted on Our Poetry Corner. May you have a magical year! Warmly, Brenda



I write about
fairy tales
golden rings

silver threads
magic things

life and such
all the hush

smiles and tears
o’er the years

spinning dreams
weaving threads

gold and silver
in my head

life’s tapestry
sweet and true

threading a
needle with you.

copyright by heather burns

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