Fairy King

Tulip Rising

Mantled in green and crimson,
Still stiff with winter’s ice,
Silent Fairy King is courted
By ladies in yellow and white.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham



Note: This poem was inspired by the burgeoning of spring, bolstered by a spring break spent in the garden rather than in DC as planned. I planted pansies, ranunculus, dahlias, elephant ears, butter lettuce, wildfire lettuce and parsley. I noticed the bunnies had nibbled some of my tulips, but they will probably prefer the lettuce. This poem is posted also in honor of Poetry Friday, thanks to No Water River, the picture book and poetry place. If you visit Renee at No Water River, she explains Poetry Friday. I hope you’ll visit her if you like kids poetry.

Poetry Friday with kids

46 thoughts on “Fairy King

  1. Lovely post:) The flowers are beautiful:) If you have time please send something to Melanie for next months Artists4Peace. The topic is: WHAT DOES PEACE LOOK LIKE? You can send something that you have already posted or something new but we would truly appreciate a submission by June 1st. Thank you so much:) Send it to Melanie at: http://artists4peace.wordpress.com/ Hope you are enjoying good weather. Ours is still off and on. It was in the low 30s a couple of days ago and yesterday was 77. Sigh. It’s dark right now and VERY still, which isn’t always a good sign. Have a great day:)


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