Wings Spread

by Jennifer K. Sweeney

The Himalayan legend says
there are beautiful white birds
that live completely in flight.
They are born in the air,

must learn to fly before falling
and die also in their flying.

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Blue striped feather

I remember flight,
Rush of cold air,
Banking, turning,
Pulsing with life.

I wasΒ a bird,
Gliding on thermals,
Spreading my wings,
Lighter than air.

I remember falling,
Disconnected, unsure,
Turning and spinning,
Landing too soon.

Now I dream:
I fly, rising, soaring,
Lingering in trees,
Connected and warm.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This feather is from a blue jay, and it was 6-7 inches long. Welcome to a new Poetry Friday, this week hosted by Elementary Dear Reader.

41 thoughts on “Wings Spread

  1. Thanks for the ID I have a few feathers, but most I am not sure from which bird. I wish the bird books also showed single feathers. My son might make me a copy of a CD which tells you what the different bird songs and calls are and easy ways to remember them. πŸ™‚


      • I just entered the library and there were the cutest little sparrows, one looked like a baby bird, so petite and it was chirping so shrilly. I feel it is too early for baby sparrows, but love the idea of birds in nests. Also, I have a collection of feathers, one cardinal, one blue jay, a sweet little down feather from the underbelly of a duck and one long brown pheasant feather I use in my Autumn arrangement. My last real boyfriend, not just a date, liked to go fishing and he waded out into the stream in the Spring and got this one for me. Hope the pheasant was still okay… I like your poem and re-read it today. Yes, having a bird name is fine with me, sometimes it suits me, too. Smiles!


  2. I love your poem dear Brenda… Memories of being a bird… And then being able to fly again… Beautifully penned, as always.
    All the best to you. Aquileana πŸ˜€


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