24 thoughts on “Rain Storm Haiku

    • I get so excited like my 4 year old when I see a rainbow. They are very rare in my neck of the wood. That particular rainbow, I could see the second rainbow, but it didn’t show up on the picture.


  1. I love rainbows and your lovely tales. But have you read the original Grimms for instance? It is very violent. I do appreciate your friendly tales. I will be back of course. You put a lilt in my heart. Hugs, Barbara


    • I have read the original Grimm tales, and they scared me as a child. I still remember nightmares after reading a version of Bluebeard. Violence is still prevalent in life, but these days children are more sheltered than they used to be, after child labor laws ended factory working and after orphanages and debtor prisons closed. Kids don’t even get to play outside by themselves anymore, they are in after school care, in camps in summer, on arranged play dates. I try to write for the modern child, my children, who don’t need to worry about the witches’ house, the murderous husband, being abandoned in the woods, getting lost. Those are pretty rare dangers to my kids. Social issues and family dysfunction are more what they need to cope with. So that’s what I write about. I’m glad your heart is lifted, that is what I aim to do. So much sad news and difficult political hatreds to cope with. I aim to increase happiness. To renew the spirit and bring out our better qualities. So that we can approach each day with a little more energy and zest. Cheers, Brenda


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