46 thoughts on “Frosty Sparkles Haiku

  1. Hi Brenda – I can see the frost on the leaves in your photos. I tried to take a video today of snow crystals floating in the air. They looked like diamonds floating around in the sky. I don’t know that the video did justice to it, though. It looked more like snow instead of sparkly snow crystals catching the sun’s light.


    • It’s hard to photograph ice crystals. I’ve tried to photograph the way frost sparkles when the sun comes up, but my pictures always come out flat and gray. Have you seen the ones taken with a microscope? They are fantastic. Sigh of pleasure.


      • Sorry, Brenda, I didn’t reply sooner — playing catch-up with my emails.

        Ice crystals must be hard to photograph, at least, capture them with the color spectrum of the sun. I’m fairly new at it and it was my first try to get them on video. Your pictures here look pretty close, at least frosty.

        I’ve seen pictures of water crystals. It’s interesting especially under different environmental influences.


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    “Pushed by things within, I send fire — fat and thin fade, but a line drawn in the sand… the will of the wind will deal its hand — things won’t go to plan… Right and wrong — I sail on sheets of ice. I live for the lightening to strike twice in the lost and lawless land… the will of the wind will deal its hand — I sing to understand… I sing to understand, and I have been so lost… I have been so lost… I have been so lost… Covered by the cold, bitten by the frost…”
    — Olly Knights, “Bitten By The Frost”


  3. Beautiful frosty leaves – I love the frosty leaves! 🙂 I must try and photograph some myself, this autumn. I suppose it requires early morning photography, I’m not much of an early morning bird, at least not when it comes to running around looking for pretty leaves to photograph anyway! 😀


    • I usually am out walking by 8 am. I walk my son to school, and then walk on to Starbucks with a friend. Even 8 can be too late for frost, but one morning, I managed. 🙂


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    In the struggle for hundredths of seconds, the man is still the measure of all things, he decides the outcome of the race for the pole position and the place on the victor’s rostrum.
    Great shoot K. Harsham, hope see you again .


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