Fairy Ball Fibonacci Poem





Hold fans high

Pretend we’re cabbage,

Think ornamental vegetable!

No more chorus line once music stops and fae-folk hide.

Slowly, as night dons its purple, starry cloak, the fae ball resumes, with pipe, fife and song.

Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: A Fibonacci Poem is one in which each succeeding line is equal in syllable length to the syllable length of the preceding two lines added together, or one, one, two, three, five, eight, thirteen, twenty-one, thirty-four, etc. 

69 thoughts on “Fairy Ball Fibonacci Poem

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  3. I’d never heard of another poetry format with a strict syllable structure besides haiku, until I read this last night. As I am such a fan of the Haiku structure, I think I will try my hand at the Fibonacci structure! Thanks for sharing this, and also, I like the poem, and the photo you paired with it, really lends an ethereal fairy-feel to the poem! Pretty creative! 🙂


    • Is it ok with you if I copy/paste your note of what a Fibonacci poem is, into the post that I’ll post my Fibonacci poem in? I’ve looked online for definitions of what it is, but none of them are as clear as yours in explaining that the sequence count goes up continually, while listing the count as clearly as you have. I intend to link to your poem as well, as I found out about this format from you 🙂


      • Feel free to crib my definition. I phrased it myself, based on independently knowing the Fibonacci sequence (via hubby). I actually invented it myself, since I had never read one before, and got all set to post, then I googled to check the spelling of Fibonacci, and found I was not the first to apply the sequence to poetry, who knew! Anyway, help yourself. Link away, I would be pleased and flattered. 🙂


    • I’m so happy you like the form. It’s not incredibly common, and I probably would never have realized it existed if I weren’t married to a math-obsessed man. I like the way it crescendos. I look forward to seeing yours! Warmly, Brenda


  4. When I look at nature, I am starting to “see” your little fairies’ hiding places, Brenda! I appreciate this so much, it gives me fun while walking to and from the library, along with nature hikes. The fairies could all don the different tones of fuschia, (oops, sp?) pink and purple gowns, too! I can see their lovely dancing, too. Take care, Robin


    • I found my heart warmer this Thanksgiving from reading your stories and your loving way of talking about the people around you. So thank you, too. I’m so happy you are seeing fairy hiding places, too. 🙂 You gave me a giggle. Warmly, Brenda


  5. AnElephant has never heard of the Fibonacci Sequence being applied to poetry before now.
    But it merely allows you to demonstrate your talent in yet another way.
    And you know how AnElephant feels about magical creatures, so this is just all-round wonderful!


    • Thanks, Elephant! I loved the way the colors showed up in the photo, I don’t know why I thought of the chorus dancers in vegas, but that’s what I thought of. LOL Have a magical weekend! Brenda


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