36 thoughts on “Beautiful Berries Haiku

      • Yes, novel is coming on nicely! 🙂 It starts in the 70’s and eventually moves into the 80’s, and I thought that would be fairly easy going on the research seeing as I was a child and teenager in those years, but it’s amazing how many little details I’ve had to look up. I’m so grateful for a very helpful brother who actually enjoys research – on anything, and he’s VERY good at it too! So he’s been looking up all the nitty-gritty for me, saved me hours in time. I keep telling him he could do that as a job!! 😀


  1. Brenda, those pictures are wonderful, thank you so much for sharing them. Are the berries edible, because it would be a shame to harvest them and strip the plant of its beauty. Take care, Bill


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