37 thoughts on “Winter’s Jewels Haiku

  1. #Festive

    Beautifully written Brenda 🙂 Once again, so much said and inspired with so few words.

    Also, love the picture.


    P.s: Hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and go on to have a terrific New year!


  2. Ooh! I like those descriptive words and I hope the ice storm creations did not drive you and yours too crazy or upset your holidays! I heard about several dangerous situations out East… Have a safe, joyous and beautiful New Year, Brenda! Hugs, Robin


    • The ice storm missed us, we have been fine. I’ve seen some amazing pictures of it elsewhere. Glad you are safe, too! Will be putting up a New Year’s post and a new story soon. Peace and Joy, Brenda


  3. Beautiful poem which gives me hope for that spring is approching – I love springtime. Not because of the pollen ( me and my boys are allergic) – but I love when the first flower buds shows up, and everything else that I can’t express in english…is reborn – it gives hope and it makes me amazed of the strenght in life. I always look around watching the birds returning, the bugs returning and I sigh of relief and sau load to myself – thank you for coming back this year too. Happy New year Brenda!


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