35 thoughts on “Cobwebbed Skull Haiku

      • well, good for you Brenda. I did not always fear them but near death experiences by people close to me from spider stings have made me more distant. My body just shivers from the thought of one.


        • Yikes, we don’t have any dangers spiders near me, so I mostly think of them as pests rather than dangerous. I’m so sorry to hear about the scary ones in your area. I’ll try to leave spiders out of my next halloween post. 🙂


          • hahaha! taht is touching Brenda but no need to do that. I was merely sharing my reservation to them. I see one every day its given that even now if I look around the floor I might see one .Thank you though.


  1. Fantastic! I love the ‘Nylon spiders hard at work’ … that’ll stick in head all day 🙂 Many ghoulish blessings and hope you have lots of Very Wicked Fun at your party, Bia


  2. You in these few words captured Halloween:) Nice. I plan to dress up in my Inflatable moose costume while my 20 year old daughter dresses up as a squirrel.


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