22 thoughts on “Sun Bright Haiku

    • Yes. I remember the original 9-11 well, I was pregnant with my first and sitting in the hospital having a three hours glucose test. I remember the chill of watching the trade towers fall on the hospital TV. I felt like I would never be warm again. I used to work at the World Financial Center. All those people. Friends stranded, walking home out of Manhattan. A city in mourning. I don’t forget, but I have to focus on the sunshine. I have to believe in the magic. We all have secrets and memories, and the magic is that we continue to relish life nonetheless. Blessing to you! Brenda


      • There are so many wonderful things to think about. Just recently in the news a homeless gentleman returned a diamond ring to the rightful owner instead of pawning it off. The couple was so impressed with the pan-handlers kindness that they helped him in many ways. The man now had a home and friends. I would love to hear more of those news stories. There is also the older lady who won a huge lottery and has paid for the meals of a whole restaurant full of locals and has pledged to help fix and repair the roof or gym of her daughter’s school (who is a local teacher). Or the Patrons of a restaurant who saw a family with a differently abled child and because they witness the parents patience and joy of their child paid that dinner bill. Those are the things we need to focus on as we move forward.

        Blessings to you and yours 🙂


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