Monster Icicles Swallow New England


One hundred inches* of snow has fallen!

That’s 8’4”. Taller than the world’s tallest person. Taller than Big Bird!

Shorter than some of our icicles!

We’re exhausted from beating icicles off our houses and from launching newly fallen snow to such towering heights. But we’re still smiling and planning the next party (going to one this afternoon in fact).

So woo-hoo to all of you!!

Warmly, Brenda

*Note: For the rest of the world, that’s just over two and a half meters — so much less impressive written that way.

The “Why Blog?” Party

This Holiday break, while recovering from stomach flu, I read JK Rowling’s new book, Silkworm (published under her pseudonym, Robert Galbraith). Has anyone else read it? In it, the author is less than kind in her portrayal of bloggers. Heck, she is less than kind about publishers and agents as well. One of her characters observes that we need more readers and less writers.

I rethought blogging, now that I’m nearing my two year mark. Am I a writer who would be better off stopping and being a reader? Then my blog received an award and I was asked a series of questions about how and why I blog. Do I think it’s going to do me or my career any good? Those are good questions. I’m not a traditional blogger, in that I don’t usually write vignettes about my life and family, but I do put myself in my writing, always. We all have our reasons for blogging. Some of us have health issues, and we are isolated inside our houses. Some of us are poets, and we all know how rich poets are…. Not. Some of us are just starting out, and hoping to learn as we go. Continue reading

Party with the Late Blooms

Fall Flowers

Autumn is under way
Come party with the late blooms
Dance till Jack Frost comes

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Pink Sweetheart rose

Note: Despite having snow flurries on Sunday, we still have blooms here and there. This poem is a haiku, with five, seven and five syllables on each line.