Happy New Year!


To the extroverts,
at the party,
and the introverts,
on your own,
Happy New Year!

May this be a year
of fun and reflection,
of blooming,
and self-love.

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: For the last poem of 2018, a toast, wa-hoo and here’s to you! I have sad news, this last day of the year. The publisher who offered a book contract was unwilling to discuss even one change to the contract. The rationale was that concessions could not be made because all their debut authors must have the same terms. They wouldn’t even allow me to clarify that my kids would inherit my copyright and royalties. If they don’t relent, I suppose I may not be published. I was so close to fulfilling my dream, but I’ll wait and see what the New Year brings. May we all come closer to our dreams in the New Year!

65 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

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      • You definitely did the right thing. Bullies, that think you’re desperate to get published and will do whatever they want you to do. Those people take advantage of writers. No reason to be sad. Be happy you escaped and didn’t get trapped by unethical people. You’ll find the right publishers. This was just a training lesson telling you to watch out for the sharks.

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  2. and i fall in the crack of being social and wanting to be home in my pajamas, i’m happy to do a bit of each ) happy new year to you, and i don’t blame you at all for negotiating your terms, if they know what’s good for them, they will. otherwise they will lose an amazing talent to another publisher, i have no doubt.

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