Monster Icicles Swallow New England


One hundred inches* of snow has fallen!

That’s 8’4”. Taller than the world’s tallest person. Taller than Big Bird!

Shorter than some of our icicles!

We’re exhausted from beating icicles off our houses and from launching newly fallen snow to such towering heights. But we’re still smiling and planning the next party (going to one this afternoon in fact).

So woo-hoo to all of you!!

Warmly, Brenda

*Note: For the rest of the world, that’s just over two and a half meters — so much less impressive written that way.

45 thoughts on “Monster Icicles Swallow New England

  1. Wow, they are some huge icicles, I wouldn’t want to be under those when they broke off!!!! 😯 I know snow is fun, but I really hope you have a big thaw soon. I can’t imagine living with snow and ice for that many weeks. Although you will no doubt miss your winter wonderland? 🙂


  2. I wish that spring comes to you soon. Unlike Thursday’s Child, I do not want to offer to take some of your snow, but I’d be happy to share our early spring with you!


  3. Oh. My. Word. I was rather impressed with ours (when we briefly had them) but they were NOTHING in comparison, merely chillers for the drinks. Whereas yours, WOW, they are some serious looking icicles!


    • Yes, not icicles you want to stand near. I took my daughter to Disney on Ice – Frozen. And yes, I was frozen, but my daughter was happy. They had a sign — “Danger Falling Ice” where you had to walk in. Does a sign like that mean I shouldn’t walk there? Or that if I did, and a piece of ice smashed into me and my daughter, they can just shake their heads and say, “Warned you.” This is some serious bad weather we’re having. Even for New England.

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  4. I have come to the conclusion that this is my favorite winter. In the past few weeks the pace of life has slowed, people are more friendly and are behaving nicely to each other. A slower pace of life does that I suppose. I won’t miss this last month but I am enjoying it.


    • Nothing brings New Englanders together like adversity. We are all too exhausted to get our dander up about anything. I’m just happy I didn’t lose my power, no one has thrown out their back, and we are all mostly in good spirits. I just wish my snowblower hadn’t broken in the first storm. Even in that, I’m not alone, though. The man at the fish market had both his snowblowers break.


  5. We haven’t had quite as much here in “southern” New England but we have a lot. Maybe not taller than Big Bird (I liked that).

    Just remember, we are adding 2 minutes of daylight every day. This will end.


  6. Oh my, I guess our properties look alike right now. LOL I’m so tired to knocking icicles off and shoveling snow I can hardly stand it. A sense of humor is critical but it’s starting to not be all that funny any more. 🙂 I’m in NH but guessing you are a little closer to Boston with your numbers. May someone take out that groundhog that said there would be six more weeks.


    • LOL Yes, the snow is no longer pretty and has become a plague-on-the-land. This is actually not my house. I paid a roofer to whack my ice off so that my house would stop leaking and my ceilings not fall in. I had to take a picture of that icicle. I have literally never seen this much snow and ice here. Ever. We never had leaks like this. Ever. My dad is in Florida, and he keeps calling to commiserate. He doesn’t seem at all sad to be missing all this historic snow. 😉


  7. I took a similar photo while up at my Mom’s of her icicles that seemed to drape long lengths and then, the best ones were ‘growing’ sideways off branches that had been ‘hit’ with the wind, Brenda! I showed everyone at work how much more snow Cleveland got compared to central Ohio. This was so amazing, how much longer your Monster Icicles were, Brenda! So sorry about the snow fall. Make sure you mention to any silly people who say, “See, we don’t have global warming,” that it is still true, the idea of the current snow traveling our way is directly connected to warming at the poles. Silly people! Scientists: NOT!


      • You know I love frozen waterfalls and your photo, coming back to comment on your post, made me think of them. I used to take lots of pictures and enjoy the cold walks in nature. I am becoming a little less interested in them, although my two M and M girls and I tried to find the ducks and we ended up finding where they had nestled in the snow during their evening sleep. I hear them quacking quite early every morning. Marley says, “They are quacking cause its so cold, Nana!” I am wondering how early ducks’ go into mating season? There seems to be quite a ‘ruckus’ at four or four thirty every morning, before I even have to get up! smiles!


        • Don’t your ducks migrate, the poor things? One year here, people fed the ducks, and they didn’t migrate. Eventually they froze into the ice on the river. None of them made it. So sad. We shouldn’t interfere with wild things.


    • No, I already paid a man an exorbitant amount of money to come and whack all ours off because the ice was forcing water under the roof and into the house. We had leaks in almost every room. Nearly all my neighbors have ice dams and water in their houses. It looks pretty in a photo, but in person, it was so cold, I thought my phone camera might not work. And I have no doubt that building is leaking.


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