Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

Tulips and hyacinthPink and White Hyacinths

Have a fun, safe holiday!

Here is a Clerihew in honor of National Poetry Month (April):

When I think of the newest Newbery Kwame Alexander
I remember sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander:
Women aren’t the only ones who love romance and mo’,
Real men eat poetry for breakfast, so let the words go!

I will be taking some family time this weekend. Many Blessings,


Note: Kwame Alexander wrote Crossover, a book from the heart that sings to us all.

If you want to write a Clerihew for National Poetry Month, Michelle H. Barnes is running a challenge at Today’s Little Ditty, and Kwame is in this month’s spotlight. He’s laid down the gauntlet, sending out a call for Clerihew. Have fun everyone!

Happy Easter!

Purple Crocuses in Bloom

May the flowers be blooming
No thorny troubles looming
No loved ones glooming
Joy and love finding room in
Bird song and kitten crooning

Magnolia Blooms


Ears hear only colorful sound
Where imagination is found
Tight bindings are unbound
Old deadwood is downed
Magnolias bloom all round

Fairy on a Hare with Crow

Returning geese take wing
Making ever-young hearts sing
Spring music makes hips swing
Spinning lovers into a highland fling
In an enchanted fairy ring

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham