Happy Easter!

Purple Crocuses in Bloom

May the flowers be blooming
No thorny troubles looming
No loved ones glooming
Joy and love finding room in
Bird song and kitten crooning

Magnolia Blooms


Ears hear only colorful sound
Where imagination is found
Tight bindings are unbound
Old deadwood is downed
Magnolias bloom all round

Fairy on a Hare with Crow

Returning geese take wing
Making ever-young hearts sing
Spring music makes hips swing
Spinning lovers into a highland fling
In an enchanted fairy ring

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

60 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

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  2. Finally flowers in your neck of the world are blooming… You must feel alive! White coldness for the last five months and now color!


  3. Hi Brenda…Happy Easter! I have the most beautiful smile on my face…it is there because this post made me feel so good inside the love and light is bubbling out of me!! Happy spring….Blessed Weekend…happy life!


  4. Happy Easter to you too Brenda!! And Happy Easter Egg hunt!! 🙂 I love this Happy Easter- Poem!! I love that part about spring music making the hips swing!! Hihi! 🙂 I also love the photos very much! And I forgot to give you (and your daughter) the poem about your fairy cakes that I promised you, so here it is, it is my Easter present to you (in my family we used to give gifts on Easter as well, well at least my mother used to give me gifts! 🙂

    Fairy Cakes (Brenda’s)

    Fairy cakes and cakes with cream
    Cakes appearing in my dream
    Butter frosting, sugar tops
    Cakes displayed in pastry shops
    Powdered sugar, marzipan
    Cakes they live in Candyland!


    • Lovely!! LOL A yummy poem! I love that you rhymed marzipan and Candyland! LOL And Happy Easter to you, too. Here the kids are left Easter Baskets by the Easter Bunny, and we go to a neighbor’s for an egg hunt and dinner. We always have fun and look forward to it all year. They are lovely people. We always eat too much chocolate! LOL I wish you could be there, you would love it!


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