Pink Fairy Camo

heather blooming on stone wall

Little girls ask, where do Pink Fairies hide?
Well, some days, they can’t decide.
Under mushrooms or behind leaves were spots tried,
but amongst the heather won by a landslide.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

39 thoughts on “Pink Fairy Camo

    • Bill, Thanks, I really like taking photos. I would hide there if I was a pink fairy. LOL Hope you have a terrific weekend, whatever you celebrate! Hugs, Brenda


  1. Oh, I love love love this!! 🙂 My mother used to tell me that little trolls were hiding under the roots of fallen trees. I have always looked for them in there 🙂 Here in India I went fairy watching in the very early dawn at a Lotus Lake in a park. I thought, the fairies must live in Lotuses! 🙂 Oh, and there is a card on its way to you now!! Hihihi! 🙂


    • I wonder how long a card takes to arrive from India and how many hands touch it on its way. How lovely of you to give me a delicious treat to look forward to! I hope the fairies let you catch a glimpse now and then! And thanks, I’m glad you like my poem. Cheers, Brenda


    • Hmm, I thought of it as the title of the post. I’ve been writing so many haiku, which are usually untitled, I didn’t even really think about that. I guess, yes, it’s the title of the poem, too. Thanks for asking! How perceptive of you!


  2. Oh, everyone loves the brilliant pink of the fairy’s hiding places! Lovely, Brenda! Just in time for the special holiday, too. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter! Smiles and hugs, Robin


    • I hope you have a wonderful Easter, too! And free of snow! The kids are getting so excited! And thanks, I thought this was so pretty, I had to take a picture. The next day it had snow on it. LOL


    • I do like flowers. 🙂 I’m fond of fairy tales and magic, too, though. Trees, statues, sky… gardens and nature delight me. Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Warmly, Brenda


  3. How could I leave and miss the photos of the yummy things you cook.. That would be stupid. As stupid as closing down my former site… Omtatjuan:)


  4. Hi:) this is my latest Encarnation.. Everything passes even these beautiful flowers but hopefully not for a long time..


    • Your new blog title does remind me right away of you, Juan. But I had to visit and see for myself. Why should being a writer bother you, my friend? I’m happy you write. Peace and Joy, Brenda


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