Mystery Flower Quinzaine


I am small, yellow and round.
Where have you seen me?
What’s my name?

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham


I offer this riddle, because I know many of you know lots more about plants than I do, and this is one I don’t recognize. I suspect it’s related to a buttercup, but it’s too short, only a few inches high, and buttercups usually bloom later in the summer. It looks a bit like wild lettuce, but it doesn’t have the thick greens of wild lettuce. Also, the flower is about an inch across, which is bigger than buttercups and wild lettuce. Can you name it?

This photograph is part of the Word A Week Photograph Challenge, by A Word in Your Ear. This week’s word is Round. You can see another entry at Cee’s Photography.

My riddle is also a second Quinzaine for the Paint the World with Words Poetry Prompt, Quinzaine. If you’re interested, you can find my other one at New Queen Quinzaine.

28 thoughts on “Mystery Flower Quinzaine

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  2. Bren, thank you for writing for the challenge! I enjoyed reading this post. I too loved riddles when I was a child and used to play riddle games with my friends a lot. You just made me relive that moment with this post. This was so beautifully done 🙂



    • Yes, this was a fun way to tie a bunch of things together. Some of the bloggers are very knowledgeable about plants. I like that! Thanks for commenting! Warmly, Brenda


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  4. OOOh, a new short form to play with. Thanks I visited the linked site and bookmarked it.
    Maybe I can incorporated it with one of the April Poetry Month prompts. Cool beans!


  5. I think it’s Winter aconites – Eranthis hyemalis. There’s no leaves, just a stem and flowers right? There are some planted at my college, but haven’t seen them yet.


    • LOL Me, too. I remember most of the common ones, but this seemed quite uncommon, and yet… so familiar. It’s maddening. Still, a name is arbitrary anyway. I might be disappointed if I find out it’s called a skunk cabbage.


        • Yes, took the picture yesterday, and we have mostly daffs, pansies and tiny bulbs blooming now. No tulips or hyacinth have reached full bloom outside of greenhouses. It’s a mystery to me, and I studied over 400 flowers in horticulture in college. And yet, some blogging in WP know lots more than me!


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