Mystery Flower Quinzaine


I am small, yellow and round.
Where have you seen me?
What’s my name?

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham


I offer this riddle, because I know many of you know lots more about plants than I do, and this is one I don’t recognize. I suspect it’s related to a buttercup, but it’s too short, only a few inches high, and buttercups usually bloom later in the summer. It looks a bit like wild lettuce, but it doesn’t have the thick greens of wild lettuce. Also, the flower is about an inch across, which is bigger than buttercups and wild lettuce. Can you name it?

This photograph is part of the Word A Week Photograph Challenge, by A Word in Your Ear. This week’s word is Round. You can see another entry at Cee’s Photography.

My riddle is also a second Quinzaine for the Paint the World with Words Poetry Prompt, Quinzaine. If you’re interested, you can find my other one at New Queen Quinzaine.

Sing for the Sweet Sweet Beauty of Love

I was thinking of song today, and of how things that are beautiful or new are like a song of color and joy. Then I saw this beautiful poem by Morgan, who also wrote about song. If you haven’t visited Morgan, I hope you will, she kindles hearts. I hope you feel the song in your heart today. Warmly, Brenda


Sing for the Sweet Sweet Beauty of Love

Sing for the Sweet Sweet Beauty of Love,
Sing as the Lark’s Song Rising Above,
Sing in the Night when the Shadows Roar,
Sing in the Daytide’s Streaming colour,
Sing when Hate and Vice Hammer Down,
Sing when No one Else is Around,
Sing for the Sweet Sweet Beauty of Love,
Sing in Gentle Grace like the Mourning Dove,
Sing in Passion with Fire’s Ablaze,
Sing Endlessly, O Sing for Days!
Sing in Joy when the Heart is Sad,
Sing in Laughter when You cannot be Glad,
Sing Sing for the Sweet Sweet Beauty of Love,
Sing when there is Nothing at all to Sing Of!

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Nadia Strelkina

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New Queen Quinzaine


Today we crowned the Fae Queen.
Did you hear her sing
Like a lark?

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Inspired by Paint the World with Words Poetry Prompt, the Quinzaine, which is a form of three-lined, unrhymed poetry, taking the form of a statement with a question in one or two parts, with a syllable count, 7/5/3.

Sample Quinzaines:

Life holds new adventures
Will I fear it
or will I grab it?

Flower pictures please me so;
Is it the colors
Or the bees?