Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

Tulips and hyacinthPink and White Hyacinths

Have a fun, safe holiday!

Here is a Clerihew in honor of National Poetry Month (April):

When I think of the newest Newbery Kwame Alexander
I remember sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander:
Women aren’t the only ones who love romance and mo’,
Real men eat poetry for breakfast, so let the words go!

I will be taking some family time this weekend. Many Blessings,


Note: Kwame Alexander wrote Crossover, a book from the heart that sings to us all.

If you want to write a Clerihew for National Poetry Month, Michelle H. Barnes is running a challenge at Today’s Little Ditty, and Kwame is in this month’s spotlight. He’s laid down the gauntlet, sending out a call for Clerihew. Have fun everyone!

40 thoughts on “Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

  1. Beautiful writing as always, because I have such trouble accessing your blog, I have put your site under “favorites” :-).


  2. Haha, real men eat poetry for breakfast – love that! 😀 I shall have to find one of those. I wonder what it tastes like – poetry! 😉 Hope you and your family had a lovely Easter break Brenda!!♥ I don’t really do anything for Easter, but it’s been a great long weekend with no workmen on my roof banging the roof on – aahh peace – until tomorrow, it will all start again! 😐


    • My kids had way too much fun for Easter weekend. I’m exhausted! LOL My son was so sad the weekend was ending. He said, “I don’t hate school, but it’s not as much fun as being home with you.” Awww. I love my kids. They come out with some lovely sentiments. And yes, get yourself a man who loves poetry. I have myself a man who loves kids books, which is the next best thing, I think. Just so long as he loves you more. Not that I’m picky or anything. LOL Good luck with the banging. 😉


    • I googled to see if another was out there, and found zip. The number of syllables is a bit long, but I liked the rhythm. It made my hubby laugh, and he’s a tough audience, so I hoped it was funny enough. I remembered a story Kwame told about his first book of poetry and his cross-country tour. He read romantic poetry in churches, and the ladies in their colorful hats could not get enough!! LOL


  3. Fun clerihew (I always feel like sneezing when I say that word). Love that real men eat poetry for breakfast. Yeah! Beautiful flowers. Have a wonderful holiday weekend, Brenda!


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