Catkin Cold

Catkin in Early Spring

Catkin young,
Soft, sage and fuzzy,
Catkin brave,
No leaves are open,
Catkin cold,
Snow freezes toes.
Catkin grow!
Early sign of spring.
Catkin open:
When ripe but soon!
Catkin bloom:
Bring back the birds.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Fingers crossed for spring here. Someday soon, we’ll have blooms here, and lots of spring-green shoots! For another catkin poem, see Catkin Fuzzy.

49 thoughts on “Catkin Cold

  1. This is my first time I thought of them as such. I like this way of labeling the fuzzy flowers and shall go over to the other post you guided us to. This is such a fun and lovely way of describing this. Are they related to pussy willows or a whole different bud entirely, Brenda?


    • I wish I knew. I am a patient observer, but I don’t know every variety. I believe this is a kind of magnolia, because it has large white blooms, not of the dogwood variety, when in bloom, but I’m not positive.


  2. Perfect poetic progression… I love it… BTW , I am inviting you to join a Poetry challenge called Non Love in More Than Ten Words . You can check it out on this post, after the mythology section All my best wishes, Aquileana 😀


  3. Nice poem, straight in time for the Easter! I haven’t seen any catkins in Canada so far, but we always had them in Latvia, some looked like made out of white shiny silk.


    • Happy Easter, Sue, I hope the catkins don’t open too soon. More snow was predicted. One year we got two feet of snow April 1. The trees suffered that year. They are beautiful, though, that first touch of spring. Take care and have a great week! Warmly, Brenda


      • Thank you Brenda.. Today was like a midsummers day instead of Spring.. In the 20’s Deg C on our back garden this afternoon… But I am not fooled… we often get mild early spring to get snow later in April.. I just hope its not in the mid lambing season as it happened the other year.. Lots of young lambs perished in the snow drifts then…
        Enjoy your Catkins.. 🙂


  4. This bud looks so much like from my pussy willow tree, which has yet to begin to bud. (sad face) I really enjoyed your poem, which brought JOY to my Heart. Happy Easter, my friend! Love, Amy


      • It is at that, Brenda. We don’t have magnolia here, at least not that I know of. My neighbor has already asked me for cuttings from out pussy willow tree, so I plan on trekking in mud tomorrow to check to see if it is budding yet. I checked last week and nothing yet. It’s been a slow go for Spring this year, my friend. The Fairies are just yearning for that warmth and sunshine. I know this “human fairy” is. LOL


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