Catkin Fuzzy


Catkin fuzzy, catkin round,
Hiding there without a sound,
Are you there to amuse
Or are you there to confuse?
You look like a tiny teddy bear,
Huggable and light as air.
Perhaps you hide baby fairies,
Sleepy from eating mulberries?
Does a woodpecker tap tap tap
Or just perch there for a nap?
Would you rather be a dogwood tree
With spiky fruit and tree esprit?
You cannot be just a shrub!
You keep your secrets, that’s the rub.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: I have been trying to get a catkin in focus in a photograph for over a year! Woo-hooo!!

19 thoughts on “Catkin Fuzzy

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  2. They certainly are adorable, and then I ruined the whole effect because silly me had to look up the definition and it turns out there are all kinds of catkins on all kinds of trees, and very few are fuzzy : ( . The rest are just long and kind of boring-looking. But never mind, because then I just came back here and read your poem again, and now I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy once more : ) Thank-you Brenda.


  3. Lovely to see a picture of these actually in focus – so far I’ve failed. We get ours just before Easter – three trees full along the beck, but I didn’t really believe you could get an in focus photo – maybe this Easter – now I know it’s possible! Oh sorry, got distracted, love the poem!


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