June Came Late


June came late,
after May rains slanted,
and gardens were planted.
Red robin’s first clutch
had grown and flown —
its empty nest reminded me
that my oldest fledgling
would soon spread his wings, too.

June came late,
after pandemic panic
and protests turned manic.
Butterflies danced in pairs,
whirling and twirling —
their simple joy reminded me
to pause and appreciate
that June had arrived.

Copyright 2020 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: My heart is with those who peacefully protested racism and excessive police brutality, but I sorrow for those whose businesses burned or who were arrested or injured. I hope we will find solutions that improve safety, lessen fear, and increase equality and respect. Meanwhile, I pause to appreciate June, as poets often do.

Why Was June Made?

Why was June made?—Can you guess?
June was made for happiness!
Even the trees
Know this, and the breeze
That loves to play
Outside all day,
And never is too bold or rough,
Like March’s wind, but just a tiny blow’s enough;
And all the fields know
This is so—
June was not made for wind and stress,
June was made for happiness;
Little happy daisy faces
Show it in the meadow places,
And they call out when I pass,
“Stay and play here in the grass.”
June was made for happy things,
Boats and flowers, stars and wings,
Not for wind and stress,
June was made for happiness!

9 thoughts on “June Came Late

  1. here’s to your lovely poem and for sharing ms. wynne’s poem as well. if you watch the butterflies, you will know what to do when your oldest heads out in the world. wave goodbye and wish them well, knowing they need to head into the bigger world, knowing yours will always return at some point.

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