World Afire


A world
afire with color
and rage
against those
who don’t see
as beautiful
as precious
as connected
to all of us.

Copyright 2020 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Can anyone be indifferent after watching a person being murdered, handcuffed, frightened, with a uniformed knee on his neck? He was pleading “I can’t breathe.” I can imagine but maybe not fully understand the fear and rage of people of color who watched that video of George Floyd, since I am not a person of color. But I can speak out against what happened — murder is a crime against all of us, against life itself, and we have to stand against it. Let’s do that from a place of peace rather than violence.

23 thoughts on “World Afire

  1. Hi Brenda – Thanks for dropping by. Sad times for many in many ways. Perfect poem for the times.
    (How are you managing with the new editor – I’ve given up and gone back to the old one. Apparently you still can as long as you have an old blog – new blogs don’t get the choice.)

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  2. Across the water we watch in horror as your country rips itself apart yet again.
    In France we have a saying ‘Et que fait le gouvernement?’
    So what is your president doing to ease the situation?

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    • Our president is hiding in his bunker and, no doubt, thinking magical thoughts about how this will all go away. He’s again letting this be a local problem with local solutions. And the people are angry. I’m angry. Outraged even. No one is above the law. Not cops. Not our president. Not looters. No one. Yet, he is setting the worst example imaginable. But don’t get me started…. 🙂


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