Super Bowl Red


A moment of silence,
in gratitude for athletes
whose passion and power
transfix a nation.

Copyright 2019 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Being New Englanders, we’re Patriots fans, delighted to have emerged victors from the last game, despite overtime pressure and the Kansas City Chiefs’ amazing quarterback and stellar team unity. Looking forward to seeing LA play. As long as they don’t play too well. 😉 After a pre-game party, we’re watching in our tiny TV room.

Update: Yay Pats, especially Edelman, Gronk, Brady and Belichick! Well played, LA! Thank you, Atlanta, for hosting a great game!

16 thoughts on “Super Bowl Red

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  2. This is the sweetest and loveliest Super Bowl post I have ever seen. I love the salute to passion and power in your words and photo, Brenda. I’m rooting for the Patriots, but, like you, appreciative of all the passion that has been brought forward to this day.

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