Admiring Sunflowers

Admire as much as you can; most people do not admire enough.” — Vincent van Gogh


unfolded petals
with their high yellow note,
hold the scent of orchards

Copyright 2019 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: A few weeks ago, despite the icy cold, my family waited for tickets at Times Square’s TKTS, and we were lucky enough to see Anastasia. The lead had a voice like sunflowers, high yellow notes full of sunshine, sweetness and youth. The story was funny and charming, if fantastic. If you haven’t seen a Broadway show, you are missing a bit of this world’s magic.

Happy Poetry Friday and thanks to Tabatha Yeatts for hosting!

Poetry Friday with kids

48 thoughts on “Admiring Sunflowers

  1. There’s nothing like a Broadway show, Brenda, is there? The last one I saw was Sting’s “The Last Ship” in 2014. “Anastasia” sounds wonderful. I had not heard of it. Your gorgeous sunflower and it’s sentiment are cheering me up on this dreary Sunday morning. Thank you!

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  2. What a great twist-amidst the cold temperatures you brought us a touch of springtime with your poetry. Last night we saw Buddy Holly at the Northport Theater on Long Island. We were all rocking to the beat that warmed us up before our cold exit into the night.

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