Peony Petals


sun-filled petals,
scalloped and scented,
soft as new baby’s skin

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Happy Poetry Friday! Thanks to Sylvia Vardell at Poetry for Children for hosting. I’m in a trance of editing, a swirl of words, a maelstrom of meaning.

49 thoughts on “Peony Petals

  1. I spied some peonies in Adelaide – though I didn’t get as close to them as you obviously did! 🙂 (We don’t get peonies, and I think it was probably this very blog where I first discovered them…)

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  2. What a stunning pairing of photo and words….I literally gasped as I opened up this page. That peony is so perfect it looks fake! lol. Baby’s skin…..and the scent. You’ve taken me on a journey in so few words. Brava!

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