Strength in Contrast


purple and yellow
delicate spires and broad leaves
but contrast succeeds

when we are free to disagree,
we make each other stronger

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Let’s stop shouting each other down, refusing to hear each other, and acting as if human beings are rabid wolverines. Most of us are gentle folk with a love of family and respect for the world. When we come together is when we are strongest. Congressional hearings, presidential missteps and burgeoning indictments are not who we are, they are a side show distracting from what really matters, our country’s strength in unity.

24 thoughts on “Strength in Contrast

    • Thanks, Michelle. We need to think about the future thoughtfully. It was easier to disagree with kindness when the other side’s message was worry about the deficit and big government. I don’t follow their message now, it’s constantly changing. But there must be grains of sense there, or so many wouldn’t support it.


  1. Love these words: “…they are a side show distracting from what really matters, our country’s strength in unity.” Your poem speaks to the need to embrace our differences and find strength in them.

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  2. Thank you for this, Brenda. Going out on a limb here…
    It’s an issue well past due.
    I have always been able to be friends with someone with a different point of view. I don’t look for a clone to be my friend!
    We need all the colors in the world, and not just in pastels. I am a vibrant red. I hope we can all grow in the garden. My views are much different than many of my Internet friends, but I keep them under wraps. I don’t need everyone to know and try to convince them to be vibrant red, too. Who wants a garden with only one color? Thanks again, Brenda. (Heading back to my tree trunk. Been out on the limb too long. lol!)

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