Witch Weeding


A garden witch
knows when to weed,
when to deadhead.
Lets some things reseed.

Pulls quackgrass,
curly dock, carpet weed,
crab grass. Makes wishes
on dandelion seed.

Digs plantain, mallow
and white clover.
must move over!

Allows foxglove,
peony, columbine,
spearmint, tarragon,
sage and thyme.

Trims roses;
edges the grass;
waters sunflowers;
sips sun tea at last.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: This is a little summer ditty, inspired by a morning weeding in my garden. In the last two verses, I moved to slant rhyme, rather than perfect rhyme. It seemed right, like getting dirt under the fingernails. Have a magical day!

43 thoughts on “Witch Weeding

  1. Great poetry Brenda as always … So true that creation knows when to shed its leaves and when to reseed … My brother is an ardent follower of nature and plants for himself as well as leaving something for nature to consume … Working with not against creation … It only changes πŸ˜’ to say when people interfere with seasons … β­οΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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    • I’ve never read it, but I’m always happy to find a new poem. I looked it up, and I couldn’t find the poem, but I found this quote: “Weeds don’t need planting in well-drained soil; they don’t ask for fertilizer or bits of rag to scare away the birds. They come without invitation; and they don’t take the hint when you want them to go. Weeds are nobody’s guests: More like squatters.”
      – Norman Nicholson
      Was that from it? Thanks for the comment, Brenda


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