Summer Postcard Swap


Thanks to Carol Varsalona who sent me dreams, hopes and fairy dust.

Two poems by Carol Varsalona © 2017:

night sky watching
as fairy dust flickers by
indigo dreamtime


a child’s eye
sees sights
far beyond nature’s grasp
lands of make believe and fairy dust
ethereal beauty

In the photograph, my daughter is modeling another gift, a bracelet from Help Uganda/Bigger than Beads, a charity Carol supports, that empowers the mothers of Masese, Uganda, and supports their HELP Primary School. You can reach HELP International at or contact Delia Garrity at dtgarrity @ Thanks again to Carol for the bracelet and poetry!

Poetry Friday with kids

Happy Poetry Friday and extra thanks to Kay McGriff for hosting this week’s round up at A Journey Through The Pages. Have a magical last few weeks of summer everyone!

51 thoughts on “Summer Postcard Swap

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  2. I have a beaded necklace from Carol from a previous swap. I love that she supports that charity. The poem offerings sparkle with fairy dust. Thanks for sharing.

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    • I didn’t have the outpouring of creativity that the others had, creating something unique for the recipient. I wrote one poem, and I painted five similar postcards in one marathon postcard-creating session. I was proud of my little haiku, though. I always prefer my words to my photos and art. Anyway, it was fun to participate. Fun to receive presents on different days. Unexpected how personal to me all the gifts were. I am moved by how everyone made the gifts so personal to my site.

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    • My daughter thought I was weird for asking, but I thought she added a lot. And I couldn’t put my arms there and still frame the picture as I wanted. Strangely, the art in Carol’s Wonderment poem looks a lot like her as well. When she looked at the finished photo on the internet, at first she thought the other photo was her.

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  3. Brenda, I am so thrilled that you enjoyed what I sent. I distinctly remember sitting at my desk be carried away to a state of wonderment as I created the poems. It was a different place for me-fairyland and yet, it was a zone that I belonged in. I felt as if I was in a creative spill over of water. Thank you for your kind words about my creations.

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  4. I needed this! Life seems to have been devoid of fairy dust these past few days, but this is a reminder that we can all help make the world a better place, whether by supporting charities that do great work around the world, or by spreading positivity and hope through our words.

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  5. It Is good to support the creative talent of self help groups and it is a pretty piece. Your heart is in the right place and more importantly, you inculcate in your young, the need to remember the less fortunate. Bless your kind heart Brenda. This is a lovely post & happy Friday 🙂

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