Grumbling Old Bee


The bee alights on Sedum
asks why, oh, why did I weed ’em?
A clover
is needed, but I don’t heed ‘im. 

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: There is Mr. Bee, giving his all for queen and colony, and I give him only the showiest of blooms. Last week, I put in some native mint, and all the bees rushed to the blooms. Sometimes, I think bees are happiest with weeds.

35 thoughts on “Grumbling Old Bee

  1. Wonderful poem! You might have something there, about bees liking weeds. We planted a milkweed bush for Monarchs last year. Seems everyone in the garden (butterflies, bees, some insect the same color as the milkweed) loves it. Big bug hangout! xx

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    • The turkeys stop by to peck at the seedy weeds on the berm. Everyone else mulches them down, so they have to range far to find the right weeds. When I’m tired of weeding, I remind myself that leaving some weeds is the right thing to do for the wildlife. XOXO


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  4. This made my heart happy reading it: what a fun, precious piece. The picture also goes excellently with the poem (I normally can’t stand bees but this one is so cute!)

    Thanks for sharing- 🙂

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