Fairy Carport


Would a fairy drive a car
shaped like a cedar branch
with green needle fenders?
Maybe a maple leaf flying carpet?
I’d want a Japanese model,
red and sporty,
with fingers pointing toward
all directions at once.
If only I were small enough
to ride it as it passes
from cloudburst to sunbeam,
circling tree-tangled roots
to land beneath the fairy carport,
sliding safely under there
in the sudden silence just before
insane hurricane rain
pounds down, smashing the
dusty earth into dark wine.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: The fungus in the photographs were in the Vermont mountains and were big as frisbees, plenty big enough to shield several fairy cars. Happy Poetry Friday! Thanks to Michelle Heidenrich Barnes at Today’s Little Ditty for hosting. Plenty of poetry to savor there. I’m posting way early as usual because my Friday mornings are busy.

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