Greening Glade


Greening glade
seems still and quiet,
but it’s a magic circle
where birds sing
to make summer
linger longer than
any winter maelstrom.
Swampy stagnations
transform mucky water
into a green haven
where frogs croak
and life begins anew
hatching, spawning,
budding, birthing.
All the world has
a buzz and pulse,
striving, thriving,
with pure pizazz.
A hop and a skip
leads to a jazz beat
that reflects in streets
where silver mirrors
form from slanting rain
that rose in droplets
from the steamy
of green pools.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This photo is of a green pool in a forest. Everything seems still and green. Yet, it’s a busy, pulsing place. Do you ever find that your first impression of a person or place is exactly the opposite of what it first seemed?

This poem is for Poetry Friday, this week hosted thanks to Mary Lee at A Year of Reading. Hop on over for a day of pure poetry.

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Many prayers for Nice, France and all of us this morning.

43 thoughts on “Greening Glade

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  2. Thank you, Brenda, for bringing the magic of this “greening glade” to life. As I have been fairly obsessed with birds lately, these lines are my favorite:
    “where birds sing
    to make summer
    If only it were that simple!

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  3. The greening glade reminds me of our three local quarries where blue limestone was dug out of them. The water needs aerating and more rotation or a fountain to circulate in our large “ponds,”Brenda. ❤
    I hope the bugs and mosquitos aren't too horrible!

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  4. There was a lovely stagnant spring/pool near a cabin we used to own, and we would sit and watch to see the wonders that were there. Your poem brought good memories, Brenda. And, showed such a cycle that we count on. Lovely.

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  5. What a wonderful poem, Brenda! Such fabulous verbs and I’ve fallen in love with the idea of birds singing incantations to make summer linger longer. Yesterday I visited a vernal pool and had to be pulled away by my daughter so we could continue our hike. I could have lingered all day, spying treasures (dragonflies, cattails and frogs, oh my!)! I feel the same way about your poem.

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