Too Quick


along the path
finding dust,
twigs, bees
and green
dappled light
betwixt the trees.
Sun blinding
then hiding
then dancing in
leaves. Once,
twice, a sneeze,
for pollen is thick,
breathing quick.
A stumble, a bumble,
a laugh in treetops.
It passes too fast.
I wish spring
would last.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Summer is upon us, with its burning sun and furnace heat. Yay for swimming! Hope you are finding joy each day.

29 thoughts on “Too Quick

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  2. I love the rhythm and rhyme of this poem! It’s such fun to read aloud and I’m delighted with the word, betwixt–that’s one we all need to use more! Thanks for sharing an enchanting walk and the wonders of spring.

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