Lupine Spires


The yellow scent of lupine
is redolent with sweet spice.
Spires of fairy blooms
touched with lavender and blue,
frame the truest magic —
summer is wide open, a
long drink of possibility.
School is done. 
Days are long.
Wildwoods call,
gardens beckon,
fairies play hide and seek.
Lazy days,
daze-dazzled naps,
starry-eyed, forest days,
gnome hunts,
bog stomps,
ending in library days,
art adventures,
beach explores.
Mountains call
with stony silence.
We run toward it by
staying still.

Copyright 2106 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: My kids are out of school. Yay! It a fine, sunny day with pizza on the way.

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House Democrats are sitting in just like we did in college when we students lobbied to end Apartheid. They told us we couldn’t win then. The NRA tells us we can’t win now. Let’s raise our voices and have our say, come what may.

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40 thoughts on “Lupine Spires

  1. This poem is beautiful Brenda!! ♥ It really unveils all the joys of summer, I can almost smell that summer cut grass and sweet fragrance of flowers. And I like the way you said (we run toward it by staying still) I think we do just that. Drinking in the scene, inhaling it all, and making mental pictures of everything we see. This would make a really good spoken word poem with some summer sound effects. But it’s enjoyable enough as it is to make me feel I heard it! 🙂

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  2. “We run toward it by staying still.” What a wonderful final line. It reminds me of a line I read recently by Naomi Shihab Nye: “I have made myself a quiet place in the swirl.” What treasures the world offers when we are open to them! Thanks for sharing your beautiful poem.

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  3. Do you know, I’ve only ever seen lupines while driving. I’ve never been close enough to know that “The yellow scent of lupine
    is redolent with sweet spice.” You’ve got me curious, now! Enjoy the summer and keep up the activism. If we must march on Washington again, I guess we’ll have to do it!

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