Life Thrives


Life thrives
whether we care for it
or not.

Life digests
every strong rock
in our walls.

Life asks
nothing of us except
to just live.

Life is.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: My little world is in turmoil as I get ready to start a new job in two weeks. I hope to keep blogging, but I’ll have to see how much time I can eke out between the new job and the kids being home for the summer. I’m seeking a zen inner state. I wish you a magical weekend and peace of mind, too!

32 thoughts on “Life Thrives

  1. This news came while I was in the midst of a busy week, Brenda.
    So glad I circle around and try to catch up with my good friends.
    I will hope and pray for a peaceful juggling, Brenda.
    I imagine being torn between new job and your home front. I am hoping the hours are not full-time, but if so, you will be fine! I believe in you and your family foundation. ❤

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    • I hope and pray for a peaceful juggling, too, and not a tougher time managing them. They are good kids, and they are excited for our family that we won’t be so hard up. I look at this as a day job, and I want to keep writing.


  2. Reblogged this on Wyrdwend and commented:
    Indeed I made the same observation just the other day while noticing that the weeds I had (supposedly) chemically killed just two weeks prior have already begun to resprout.

    This is well done by the way. I like the lines:

    “Life digests
    every strong rock
    in our walls.”

    I have seen the same many times myself.

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  3. Life is!
    You are starting a new job while the kids are on holidays. Cut yourself some slack! We will all be here in the fall when the kids are back in school, and you are on a familiar beat with your job! I’m hoping to be around longer than that! I think things will all work out quite nicely! PS. Rock that new job!

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  4. True enough. And that’s a good thing since what each of us likes is different:) It’s so hot and humid here. There are air warnings today. Bad pollution with all the humidity, high temps and rain. Still, better than winter and darkness:) Hope your weather is wonderful:)

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