Curves in any Season

Note: Curves appear everywhere, especially where the Daily Post is popular. Republicans may have blocked gun control for now, but if we get enough signatures on petitions to ban assault weapons, we may yet throw a curve ball to the NRA.

26 thoughts on “Curves in any Season

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  2. I enjoyed the curves you presented! Beautiful in many forms of nature.
    I have been appalled at how President Obama has been shown disrespect from Congress and Senate. I hope that banning assault rifles and automatic guns will be voted for, across both party lines someday.
    Peace and Love are my wishes for my dear grandies, your children and children around the world. Our voting decisions impact so many, Brenda. ❤

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    • So true, Robin. I am sad how disrespectful people are in politics these days. Name calling, lying, accusations, blowing everything out of proportion. We need our moral compass to keep us from sliding into anarchy.


  3. Brenda, I love The Color of Teachers. I read it after reading Parents Who Suffer Tragedies Do Not Need Or Want Your Cruel and Pointless Criticism that was linked to both your poem and that article in Reading is Thinking. I also signed the gun initiative. My son was in the Engineering building a couple weeks ago when the shooter was there. For a couple hours it was not known how many shooters or any of the circumstances. Thank you for your good works. I teach third graders.

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    • How scary for your son. I’m glad he’s okay. I’m so happy you signed a gun initiative because if we don’t speak out and make the petition numbers grow, nothing will change.

      Is my poem linked to Matt Walsh’s “Parents Who Suffer”? I was unaware of that.

      Teachers are the best!


  4. Great photographs, dear Bren… I like the twist on the `gun issue´at the end too… thanks so much for raising awareness concerning gun control… Sending love and best wishes. Aquileana 😉

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