I hope you will love LeafandTwig as much as I do. Always beautiful images paired with insightful, uplifting words. For any who don’t already know and appreciate her, here is a lovely haiku and photo. XOXO

Leaf And Twig

lilies rose
the water bloomed
hope floats

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19 thoughts on “Afloat

  1. I have followed Leaf and Twig for some time now but am always sporadic in bursts and “likes.”
    This was lovely and hopeful. You are a generous friend, accepting all here with open arms.


    • I do love to build community. I try to reblog where I can, but occasionally feel a bit confined by the niche I chose to publish in. I would reblog more if I had chosen to be a more traditional kind of blogger, writing about my life and what interests me.


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