Covered Bridge


River rambles and curves,
shallow then deep,
rocky or smooth,
changeable as the weather.
Under the bridge are dark places,
deep pools with hidden depths.
The biggest fish hide there.
Aquatic plants sway
in the current, roots unseen.
The burbling water
covers whispers made, but
sounds echo above,
in the dim covered bridge,
where magic dwells.
Gossamer webs hold fast
lingering traces of lovers past.
Children, clapping hands
and believing in fairies,
once danced here.
Their shadows remain
sweetening the breezes.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Red Covered Bridge

Note: These photographs were taken in New Hampshire in the White Mountains.

40 thoughts on “Covered Bridge

  1. Covered bridges are always special in my mind, Brenda. I am in awe of your writing which evokes visions of history– who may have passed by and over the river. What plant life’s roots may be found in the hidden depths?
    Then, just like you to include lovers. ♡ They are found in a “gossamer” spider’s web full of potential in the “lingering traces of lovers past.” I was so glad there was mention of children, too. Especially joy shown in their clapping.


  2. Wow wow wow JM is going to love this! She sent pics yesterday of her bridge #31. I am going to post it and then also reblog this! This is so so lovely and your poem is so beautiful! I told her all about our conversations yesterday! I love this so much so will JM! ❤


  3. Oh beautiful!! 🙂 Memories of all that’s passed through, I often feel that about places too. Looks like a lovely place to visit. Is it somewhere you visited as a child as well as today?


    • No, we never visited there when I was young. I first explored the area with my hubby, when we were dating. I remember running down mountains with him and laughing. Somehow we missed the gorges, and I’m so happy we found them this time.

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  4. Lovely Brenda, I love the descriptions of the scene, the foliage and the suggestion of magic and fairies, excellent image. Just the place to find the odd fairy lounging on a rock.


    • It’s a scene from one of the most beautiful places in New England. Finding words to match was harder than I thought, so it means a lot to me to know I succeeded in bringing out the magic. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!!


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