Fairy Tale Flowers

yellow coreopsis

Seeds sown wide
scatter color to the wind.
July is hothouse
blooms and wildflowers:
Coreopsis gold,
Cosmos pink and purple,
Day lilies and moonflowers.
Bees, flown off their knees,
crumble dust to honey.
On that perfumed air,
dreams ride Scotch Broom,
trip on witch hobble
and snatch blueberries.
Bee balm bursts into fireworks.
Dragons doze in glades,
and little boys whistle up storms.
Thunder rides stallions
behind black clouds.
Summer is a fairy tale,
wild and free.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Blueberries and Bee Balm

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I hope you will love LeafandTwig as much as I do. Always beautiful images paired with insightful, uplifting words. For any who don’t already know and appreciate her, here is a lovely haiku and photo. XOXO

Leaf And Twig

lilies rose
the water bloomed
hope floats

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