Get Your Orange On

Orange leaves

Happy October First!
Mornings are dark, wet and gloomy.
The time has come to fear the Worst!!

The veil separating us from the grave
Is thinning and opening windows and doors.
Before the thirty-first, decide who you will save!

Children will turn into Monsters, Heros, Bats,
Witches, Pumpkins and Spirits from Beyond!
Get your orange on and watch out for black cats…

Halloween is coming!

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This was inspired by Autumn, the changing leaves and the Spooky Writing Contest. Enter if you dare! If you want to see my contribution from last year, it was Halloween Scene Haiku. Other themed writing: Spellbook Haibun and Crankypot Halloween.

Spooky Writing Challenge

37 thoughts on “Get Your Orange On

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  2. Halloween!!! 🙂 I celebrated that in Ireland once, but there it is called Samhain I think. It was lots and lots of fun! 🙂 We dont celebrate Halloween in norway, only all-saints day. But we have a harvest festival. This year I will be in singapore for halloween!! 🙂 I hope it is celebrated there! 🙂 I love celebrating things! 🙂


  3. Girl orange is my other favorite color and I love love love Autumn! What are you guys going to be for Halloween? I’m just on for a few fast seconds. I’m swamped but had to PINK! I needed inspiration! This pretty much did it for me! I’m full of gas and sass now! 😀


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